In Ruzabal we will find the origin of the municipality´s population. Its visit will bring us closer to a rural Orduña, presenting a rich ethnographic heritage that bears witness of a past life (dolmen, mills, towers, hermitages, bowling alleys...), at the foot of pathways and trails that have crossed this territory since ancient times.

Birding (Birding Euskadi)

Red Natura 2000: Zepa de Sierra Sálvada (Zona de Especial Protección Avícola)

The rocky walls overlooking the Orduña Valley are a unique habitat for falconiforms such as the griffon vulture, the Egyptian vulture, and the peregrine falcon... The Sálvada Sierra is one of the best areas of the Basque Country for birding.

The Orduña Board of Tourism: Birding Euskadi office.

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