Paisaje Orduña 
Orduña is like a geographical island in the province of Bizkaia that endows the municipality with a special singularity. But at the same time, it retains a profound Bizkaian identity. This is due to its essential role in the economic history of the Bizkaia Lordship as an important trade market, which made it the only medieval city of the historical territory; it has been declared a historical and monumental landmark.

Its strategic location, in the Castilian frontier, turned Orduña into a very important trade and customs centre for centuries, which is clear in its rich monumental heritage. Orduña´s geographical coexistence with the Alava and Ayala charters has caused them to define it as their natural region, sharing in its high-value landscapes, natural heritage and historical heritage.


Ciudad histórica
Orduña´s Heritage

 ‘Orduña´s Heritage (in spanish) (PDF 4,78MB) 

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